Learn how to create a Simple Todos with Meteor and Vue

In this tutorial we will build a simple to-do tasks app using Vue with the Meteor platform. Meteor works out-of-the-box with several other frameworks like Blaze, React, and Svelt.

Vue.js is a powerful JavaScript framework for building user interfaces with a reactive approach. It allows you to create dynamic and interactive applications by writing templates that are bound to data and automatically update as that data changes. Vue.js templates are written in HTML-based syntax and are combined with Vue’s reactivity system to render components in the browser.

To begin developing your Vue.js app, you’ll need a code editor. If you’re unsure which one to choose, Visual Studio Code is a popular option. After installing Visual Studio Code, you can enhance your Vue.js development experience by adding extensions tailored to Vue development, such Meteor Toolbox, and Vue Language Features

We recommend you check out all of our tutorials here. For now, let’s get started with building your Vue To-Do app with Meteor!

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